Fish Bowl

This game hooked me right away. The description of the dead cat was disgusting, but in a good way. Throughout, there was always something a bit disturbing to wonder about.

I also really liked the sequence with the floating message in the bottle, where I was pretty sure that something very bad was going on, but nonetheless I kept trying to get the bottle anyway. This reminded me of Shade and some other scenes that I really liked, and I think it’s a great fit for horror.

Though I have seen a few things in other reviews that were critical, they were all about aspects of the game that I think could pretty easily be tidied up. That would be worthwhile, because this is a fun little short-horror piece.


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  2. Zach Samuels
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 16:25:02

    Fish Bowl reminds me of Shade as well, and yet it still proves to be a memorable experience. After completing the game for the first time, I knew I wasn’t quite getting the entire picture and gave it another go. Only on this second play through did I understand the significance of the cat; that was great moment of horrific realization. I still get chills thinking about it. While I can understand why reviewers may have found faults with Fish Bowl, I’ll certainly never forget it, and that’s saying something.


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