Escape from Summerland

Holy crap, the central concept of this game is a lot of work! You can play as three different characters, with different views of the world, and the player’s allowed to swap from one to another at any time. And that’s not easy to do at all. I’m really impressed that it’s something pulled off by new authors (unless these people are using a pseudonym… but even then, I’m kind of impressed). Kudos to the authors for putting in the work to make this and to get it all the way to a finished state — and for updating it during the comp. That is some nontrivial effort. I hope they stick around.

I also like selkies, and the setting of a somewhat shabby amusement park is cool.

Though we only got a brief glimpse of the sweet shop, I had the impression that it probably sold skulls made of sugar and other creepy candy-stuffs. I am in favor of this as well.


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