There are several things I want to commend about this piece. One: it adopts a cool central puzzle mechanic, the idea of body-switching to new characters. I’ve ranted before about how I much I enjoy games where the author hasn’t just collected a grab bag of random standard tasks (hidden key here, dog that needs a bone there) but as thought through a consistent concept and then come up with a bunch of ways to use that.

Two: coding-wise, what it’s trying to do is non-trivial. There are lots of animal characters, and they’re running around all the time, reacting to the player and to one another. When the fox pursues the player character into rabbit territory (say), all the other rabbits react too. It feels like there’s an actual ecosystem here, a world that has some independent function and structure, existed before the player came along and will continue to exist after he leaves. That stuff is really not easy to do, and the author has not only done it, but made it puzzle-relevant.


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